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On Sri Lanka’s southwestern coast you’ll find The Postcard Galle. Located above the waters of a beautiful blue lagoon, the hotel offers incomparable views of the Indian Ocean and Gin River. It’s also a stone’s throw from Galle Fort, a neighbourhood filled with well-preserved architecture as well as local cafes and boutiques. With all of ten rooms, The Postcard Galle is just the place for cultural exploration as well as a bit of quiet by the sea.


All ten rooms of the The Postcard Galle reflect Sri Lanka’s well established tropical modern aesthetic. High Burmese Teak ceilings, wooden beds, and titanium flooring are regular features across rooms, with of course, a number of unexpected flourishes. Not least, the sound of the crashing waves and the sight of the Indian Ocean from your private balcony.


Sri Lanka’s colonial past and its own Sinhalese and Tamilian traditions make it rich for exploration. And there’s no better starting point than Galle. Home to Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site no less, Galle is also home to the increasingly famous Galle Fort, with its colonial architecture, spice markets and hip boutiques and restaurants. Further afield, you can take in the stunning beaches or, if you like, meet the town’s most renowned visitor - The Blue Whale.


The best therapy at The Postcard Galle is, of course, the sun, sand, and sea. But if you’re looking for more, you’ll find everything you need in our selection of local and international treatments, including, of course, a range of ayurvedic treatments. Simply ask for the therapy suite and we’ll take care of the rest.


Like every one of our hotels, The Postcard Galle places special emphasis on local cuisine. Proof of which comes in the form of the Dutch-Ceylonese Lamprais, the Portuguese Bolo di Amor, and the Tamil Jaffna Curry, all of which you’ll find in our menu. The best part? You can enjoy your meal or indeed aperitifs, from anywhere - an open air patio, your private balcony or by the lagoon.



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