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The Sri Lankan Spread

Seafood, rice and coconuts are staples of traditional Sinhalese cuisine. Which is why, you’ll find plenty of all three on our menu. Simple, and rich in flavours, the food at The Postcard Galle is made keeping in mind local tastes and, of course, your spice levels. Which means, you’ll find exactly what you need, be it a post swim lunch or a light dinner.

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Eat Anywhere

Ample, open spaces along with fresh sea breeze, offer up a number of unexpected dining spaces at The Postcard Galle. There’s The Patio an open air lounge from which you may well choose to enjoy a local cocktail. The Dining Deck is an exclusive area with only two tables, making it perfect if you have something a bit more romantic in mind. Just as tempting is the promise of enjoying a private lunch by the lagoon. All you have to do is pick a spot.

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If you’re craving something that’s not on the menu or if you’d like a private dining experience, simply let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help.