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On the Birdsong estate, tucked away in the quaint village of Moira, is the quiet premise of The Postcard Moira. The nine rooms of the carefully restored 214 year old ancestral home, promise modernity and an unmistakable Goan spirit in equal measure.


Lush outdoors of The Postcard Moira form the perfect backdrop to the pared back, modernist aesthetic of the hotel’s nine rooms indoors. Think four poster beds, brass fittings and statement lamps. All rooms let the outside in and let a little bit of themselves out, resulting in the rooms welcoming early morning rays along with of course the song of birds.


The neighbourhood of Moira is perfect for that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never get around to. Walking. Lush banana plantations and fish mongers dot the quaint neighbourhood, along with some bright hued houses you’ll only find in Goa. And there’s more of course.


Nudging you to ditch your devices and detox from the daily grind are our traditional ayurvedic massages and treatments from Ayurvedic experts at Punarnava Ayurveda. Practicing for over 100 years, Punarnava Ayurveda focusses on the core principles and values of this time tested knowledge system. The best part? Our Ayurvedic doctor and specialists are available for consultation at any time during your stay.


Moira’s roots as an agricultural village offers culinary riches unseen in other parts of Goa. A fascinating example of which is Moidechim Kelim or the popular Moira Banana. It’s an ingredient that is expertly flavoured with local spices to prepare the popular Rava fried banana snack. Other standout dishes include Solachi Kadi and Fish Uddamethi prepared with fresh mackerels.



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